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go me 10-08-05 17:59
so, after all the sweat and blood and tears, i finally remembered my password to get back into this thing! Thanks to everyone who replied, there are a LOT of you people! Um... yeah... nothing's really new... oh! FYI, I turn 17 in 3 days! Woot woot!
duh 08-19-05 23:44
So. I finally realized why no one ever talks to me on myspace. BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL OVER HERE. Clearly, there can be no other reason for my glaring lack of social life. If I know you, I'll be in touch. Hopefully. With the help of a certain technology savvy friend. So. Blog on, my merry friends. Blog on.
Hello, 08-19-05 23:39
My name is frodofan. I'm new to elowel.